Welcome to Randr Inc - Developer of Free Open Source Software for Entrepreneurial and Midrange Businesses

Randr Inc provides complete business solutions for Entrepreneurial, Midrange Businesses with our Free Open Source Software.

Randr Inc's Web Business Suite and eBusiness Suite Rental Portal are aimed at providing immediate business impact for increasing revenue or decreasing expenses.

Click here for a brief video of Randr, Inc. and our Portal Suites. We provide Free and Not Free Business Offerings.

Our two Suites of Portals are:


Web Business Suite (WBS) - The WBS is available for free download on LaunchPad.

The Web Business Suite (WBS), has 3 main components:

  • Order Portal
  • Sales Portal
  • Data Migration Portal

Order Portal:

- is a full function, cross channel, multi company web ordering portal with an Anonymous User Web Site, Wholesale or on Account Ordering, Salesman and Sales Rep Ordering, CSR and Will Call Ordering, and Affiliate Ordering.

- is a full web application for managing dynamic content over the web

- is NOT a simple Store Front or Mall System.

- can itegrate with the Sales Portal, the EBusiness Suite and legacy applications through the Data Migration Portal

- includes 2 applications:

  • The Order Portal itself
  • Information Portal for Order Portal - Real time reporting dashboard with  statics on orders, requests, inventory and shipments.

Sales Portal:

- is a Prospect Mangement system aimed at new account Marketing (Cross Channel CRM system)

- can integrate with the Order Portal and legacy applications through the Data Migration Portal

- includes 2 applications

  • The Sales Portal itself
  • Information Portal for Sales Portal - Real time statics on prospects, sales action and activity

Data Migration Portal:

- links the various Randr Portal

- links Order Portal requests and Orders pushing these into the Sales Portal as action items

- links the Sales Portal prospects pushing, them into the Order Portal for email marketing

- links the Order Portal with the EBusiness Suite, pushing web orders into the  EBS for fulfillment, providing a web front end ordering system for the EBS and customer self service.

- Can be used for sending and receiving EDI transactions into and out of the EBS.

Web Business Suite works best for Midrange, Entrepreneurial Manufacturers, High Value Add Distributors, and Rental Companies who have multiple channels and engage their Web Users and Customers in Conversations, Warranty and Repair Work, or need integration and customization to legacy systems.

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eBusiness Suite (EBS) Rental Portal - The EBS Rental Portal is available for free download on LaunchPad.

The eBusiness Suite (EBS) Rental Portal (video overview of the EBS Rental Portal) is a flexible Rental (for Hire) web transaction system that handles rental orders, sales orders, work orders and warranty/repair orders.

eBusiness Suite includes:

- Order Entry Portal - Handles Rental (for Hire) Orders, Sales Orders, Work Orders, and Warranty/Repair Orders. Plus scheduling and Inventory.  Warehousing will be available in the futue.

- Information Portal - real time Reporting Dashboard for current and historical activity, plus financial reporting.

- Financial Portal - Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Financial Reporting, Reconciliation. Every transaction flows all the way into the General Ledger and closes the books for true real time financials.

- Integrates with the Order Portal as a front end web ordering system and customer self service system via the Data Migration Portal.

- Data Migration Portal can be used for sending and receiving EDI transactions into and out of the EBS as well as linking transactions from a legacy system.

- designed to be easy to install and easy to use without the need for an installation team.

The EBS Rental Portal works best for Midrange, Entrepreneurial Companies who have, or are expanding to, a rental line of business, and need to deliver better service, wider range of services, like repairs, warranty services as well as the ability to extend to their customers, vendors, salesman, and partners over the Internet. RP also works well for departments or divisions of large enterprises.

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We expect to answer the phone, as we always have for our customers, 951-369-3427.

WBS and EBS Rental Portal are J2EE Web applications and were developed with the Eclipse IDE using the MyEclipse package, unit test are JUnit, the regression tests are in Selenium and the reports were developed using Jasper Reports Performance testing is done with JMeter.

WBS and EBS are distributed under the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) license.

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