Randr Sustainable Farms

Randr Sustainable Farms

Randr Sustainable Farms is a family owned and run business that produces and sells Jams (The Juniper Jammery), Cosmetics (Desert Oasis Skincare) and Honey Wines (Meads) (The Hoochery) from the fruits and oils we grow on our farms in Southern California and Arizona.  If we run short of any of our crops, we source from other farms local to us. The common thread of our products is the flavors from using the same fruits and oils.  We think of it as “eat it, drink it, wear it”

All of our products are made in Arizona.  We use a commercial kitchen in Prescott for the Jams and Cosmetics. Our Winery is in Ash Fork.

Our products are all natural and we do not add preservatives, artificial colors, essential oils, or fragrances.

In our skincare products, we keep our scents mild so they are not overpowering. We do this by infusing the oils with the actual fruit or blossoms. The soaps are low lather using our fruits and oils.  We don’t add any agents to make the soaps suds more, give it color, or to change their natural smells.  

Our Jams are made from our fresh fruit, a little raw honey, and a citrus based pectin. Our Meads are made with the same raw honey and fresh fruits that we use in the jams.

All of our properties except one are off grid.  Where possible, we try to make the properties “Sustainable” for water and power.  We use open field pollination techniques whenever we can in our groves. We use drip irrigation systems and try to minimize water usage and conserve our natural resources. We use sun shine and power most of our groves with Solar Power. We use low wattage and DC direct systems to minimize power consumption.

We strive to make quality products that we enjoy using and hope you do as well.


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Randr Sustainable Farms