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July 2010 - new Data Migration Portal Release

We have just gotten our new release (10.05) of the Web Business Suite out the took.  A little later than we wanted, but its ready.  But we have really super news. The Web Business Suite is now available as a PPA under Ubuntu.  So apt-get and everything installs.  That means all 5 portals, Order, Sales, Data Miigration, and both Information Portals.  This  should really simplify your installations (which was the point). Source Forge is also updated for each individual portal.  Also we have  the Web Business Suite up on Canonical's Launchpad and the source code is also available there.  Here is the link to Launchpad. You can add bugs and blueprints for new ideas and check the status of existing bugs and blueprints. The latest release notes are available from the menu on the left.

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Data Migration Portal - Data Migration Portal is a simple and flexible data gateway (messaging) that passes information between portals and legacy systems. Datamigration Portal was designed as the primary means of moving data between the Randr Portals as well as between other portals and legacy systems. It is flexible and can be easily adapted to other systems and data formats. DMP is an integral part of Randr, Inc.'s Second Derivative Web Business Suite.

Click here for a Free Software copy of the Web Business Suite Run-Time and Installation DVD

Data Migration Portal accepts CSV files, XML input and direct calls from other portals. It performs simplified messaging functions between applications and is the primary means of moving data between the various Randr Portals.

DMP currently contains the following: It can accept a request from an external source and can receive Prospect data in XML format. These prospects are then formatted into CSV and passed to the Sales Portal where they are automatically imported as prospects into the Sales Portal database. In the Order Portal, when a customer submits a request for information or question, that information is automatically sent to DMP, which formats it into CSV and passes it to the Sales Portal. Sales Portal automatically creates a new prospect in the Sales Portal data base with a sales action for the request. Passing Sales Portal prospects into Order Portal for bulk email is in process.

Data Migration also contains extensive interface with legacy systems (especially VAI System 2000 and JDEdwards) where it extracts data from the legacy systems and passes that data into Randr's other portals (Sales Portal, Order Portal and 2nd Derivative Order Entry Portal and soon Financial Portal ) as well as other systems.

Data Migration also contains EDI components, though it is not a full EDI translator or system. It can accept EDI formatted files, which it reformats for download into a legacy application. It can extract data from 2nd Derivative OEP or a legacy system and format into EDI transaction (810/880 Invoice) and sends the edi transaction using FTP. We will continue to expand on this EDI capability.

Data Migration is web-based and can run on a single server. It receives the data, usually formated in CSV format, then allows the second portal to request the data. From a technology and development stand point the DMP is written in Java (J2EE) and runs under Apace Tomcat. There is a minor database component which uses PostgreSQL as the database. It uses Hibernate and Struts as the framework.

DMP is an effective alternative to more complex systems to handle application data interfacing. Currently being refactored for Open Source and Open Source EDI, it will be further upgraded for better and standard messaging. DMP will also replace the existing interfacing between the Second Derivative portals and become their standard interface. Currently it best used as the basis of a very cost effective EDI solution or as a flat file interface between desperate applications. We have interfaces to VAI System 2000, DMAS, JD Edwards World, and Second Derivative.

Current Release Of Data Migration Portal

Data Migration Portal Release 1.0.2 - Sep 2009

1.0.2 Release Notes

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History - Disparate application interface for Data Migration and Transformation. Originally written in 2003 to handle remote manufacturers reps sending in flat file orders, and an intermediate EDI interface to a Legacy systems.

Data Migration Portal was released to Sourceforge in May, 2008. It includes automated interfaces of customer requests between Order Portal and Sales Portal, plus the other functions mentioned above. Shortly we will add interface for Sales Portal prospects into the Order Portal automated email.

If you need help, try Randr Inc.'s no-charge support forum , send us a question, or give us a call, 951-369-3427 (we pick up the phone).

Data Migration Portal is a J2EE Web application and was developed with the Eclipse IDE using the MyEclipse package, unit test are JUnit, the regression tests are in Selenium and the reports were developed using Jasper Reports Performance testing is done with JMeter.

Data Migration Portal is distributed under Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) license.


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