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July 2010 - new Order Portal Release

We have just gotten our new release (10.05) of the Web Business Suite out the took.  A little later than we wanted, but its ready.  But we have really super news. The Web Business Suite is now available as a PPA under Ubuntu.  So apt-get and everything installs.  That means all 5 portals, Order, Sales, Data Miigration, and both Information Portals.  This  should really simplify your installations (which was the point). Source Forge is also updated for each individual portal.  Also we have  the Web Business Suite up on Canonical's Launchpad and the source code is also available there.  Here is the link to Launchpad. You can add bugs and blueprints for new ideas and check the status of existing bugs and blueprints.  The latest release notes are available from the menu on the left.

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 Order Portal is the center piece of our Web Business Suite (WBS). A full function cross channel, Free Open Source Software, Web Ordering Portal with an Anonymous User Web Site, Wholesale or on Account Ordering, Salesman and Sales Rep Ordering, CSR and Will Call Ordering, and Affiliate Ordering. The WBS is composed of Order Portal, Information Portal for Order Portal (real time Reporting Dashboard), Sales Portal (Cross Channel CRM System), Information Portal for Sales Portal (real time reporting stats), Data Migration Portal (for moving Data between the Portals using CSV files like Web Orders and Requests Conversations from the Web Users approximately the same data like EDI transactions: 850, 855, 856's). We also use DMP for Round Trip Email, Request Responder, and Auto Email Responder functions. We usually install three other Open Source/Free products to support the Web Business Suite: jForum, Bugzilla, and Google Analytics (Free but not Open Source).

Click here for a Free Software copy of the Web Business Suite Run-Time and Installation DVD

Order Portal or the Web Business Suite are available for download from SourceForge.

Order Portal and the Web Business Suite work best for Midrange, Entrepreneurial Manufacturers, High Value Add Distributors, and Rental Companies who have multiple channels and engage their Web Users and Customers in Conversations, Warranty and Repair Work, or need integration and customization to legacy systems. There are simplier Store Front and Mall systems out there if you do not need Web Applications.

Order Portal or the Web Business Suite can be integrated with back-end legacy systems as a web front end. Currently we have interfaces to all of Randr Inc.'s eBusiness Suites (EBS), Great Plains, VAI System 2000 as well as a generic order import/export for other systems.

Order Portal is a complete eCommerce portal with flexible dynamic content (CMS) that allows you to deliver dynamic content over the web.  Your content can be items for sale or just information items.  All content dynamically generates spider friendly urls for each page which make it easy for the search engines to index an Order Portal Site.  Products can have multiple pictures, documents and videos linked.  You can added related items and parts for up selling and cross selling.  Products can have configurable options which a customer can select via drop down.  Each configurable component can have an individual picture which changes when the option is selected.  Payment options are flexible including PayPal, Credit Card processing through PayPal's PayFlow merchant accounts, buy now buttons for Google and Paypal, Check, Cash and on account for existing customers.  You can add unlimited custom pages for more dynamic content.  Please see the brochure below for a summary of key features and the Documentation for more in depth information. Also see the Release notes for the latest features and capabilities.

Order Portal Brochure(6 pages PDF Updated Feb 8, 2009)

Link to Order Portal Documentation

We really designed Order Portal so our existing customers (primarily Midrange, Entrepreneurial Manufacturers, High Value Add Distributors, and Rental companies) could develop new channels via the web and extend to customers that their traditional channels could not reach. In addition, by using the Question Form and the forum (jForum), they could start engaging in a two way dialogue with their customers. Order Portal is especially effective for long tail marketing, where price is not the issue and you are not competing with the "Head".


Current Release on Order Portal

Order Portal Release 1.2.4 - Current Release Notes (Sep, 2009).  Also check out release notes from prior releases.

Download Order Portal

Order Portal has extensive end user controls and administration. Order Portal is deployed with Apache, Tomcat, and PostgreSQL. Its preferred deployment option is now on Ubuntu Linux. It is available for free download on SourceForge.

If you need help, try Randr Inc.'s no-charge support forum , send us a question, or give us a call, 951-369-3427 (we pick up the phone).

Order Portal is a J2EE Web application and was developed with the Eclipse IDE using the MyEclipse package, unit test are JUnit, the regression tests are in Selenium and the reports were developed using Jasper Reports Performance testing is done with JMeter.

Order Portal is distributed under Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) license.



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