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July 2010 - new Rental Portal Release

Ok, we just got release 10.05 out the door.  Ok, so it was supposed to be May but we got it out last day of June, and that's really close (ok, not so close).  But we have really super news.  Rental Portal is now available as a PPA under Ubuntu.  So apt-get and everything installs.  We will be writing up our notes on exactly what you have to do, but that is pretty much it.  Took us a while to figure out the PPA packaging and we will also be creating a write up on that.  Source Forge is also updated.  Also we have Rental Portal up on Canonical's Launchpad and the source code is also available there.  Here is the link to Launchpad. You can add bugs and blueprints for new ideas and check the status of existing bugs and blueprints. The latest release notes are available from the menu on the left.

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Rental Portal is rental software (for hire) designed for Midrange Companies who need to compete with National Chains with better service, wider range of services, like repairs, warranty services as well as the ability to extend to their customers, vendors, salesman, and partners over the Internet. It is free, open source software and is available for download on www.sourceforge.net.

Video Overview of Rental Portal

We designed it to be very easy to use so there will be little training required for your counter folks. It runs using a web browser so there should be no additional investments in hardware for the users and if we are hosting your Rental Portal, no additional infrastructure or servers required at all. This makes it especially easy for companies who are extending into rental (for hire) to make that move with very little investment. Download a copy of the Demo Script for screen shots of counter operations(23 page pdf).

Click here for a Free Sofware, copy of the Rental Portal Run-Time and Installation DVD

Rental Portal was designed for companies with a rental line of business (for hire) and companies who are expanding into rental as well as companies where the entire business is rental. Rental Portal includes order/invoice export for an easy integration with your legacy system.

Download Rental Portal Brochure (2 page pdf updated Dec 2008)

Randr Inc. assisted in many Rental industry installations from 1995 to 2001 and has extensive expertise in the Rental Industry. We took our 11 Portal Packages in 2005 and integrated them into an alpha Rental Application coupled with Open Source Products for the Desktop, Open Source Infrastructure and Phone System Products to form the basis of a composite solution (Application and Open Source Solutions) for the Rental Industry to significantly reduce the cost per seat of a user, and to gain significant competitive advantages of web applications for customer, vendor, and ebusiness solutions. It can be a Global solution with multiple language and currency support, can provide custom customer interfaces with each major customer having their own screens. It can handle complex transactions: rental, sales, repair, warranty, brokerage, etc. Each transaction has it own shopping cart which can be customized and additional custom transactions can be added without disrupting the core applications.

Link to Rental Portal Documentation

Product Overview

Randr, Inc.'s Rental Portal is a fully integrated web-based Rental Software (for hire). It reduces costs and complexity by taking your business to the next logical progression in eBusiness. It allows your customers and your internal users to handle your rental, sales, and service needs using any standard web browser. The Rental Portal is a Simple and Flexible. Randr, Inc. can also provide support for companies using Rental Portal.

What makes Randr, Inc. and our 2D Rental Portal so effective:

  • Domain Expertise - We have a long history of working with rental companies.

  • Service Level - We treat each call as a bug, not a revenue opportunity

  • Source Code and Composite Code - Rental Portal can be modified to fit your business and to link to other systems you might use.

Current Release of Rental Portal

Rental Portal Release 1.1.0 - Current Release Notes (October, 2009)

Download Rental Portal

If you need help, try Randr Inc's no-charge support forum , send us a question, or give us a call, 951-369-3427 (we pick up the phone).

Rental Portal is a J2EE Web Application and was developed with the Eclipse IDE using the MyEclipse package, unit test are JUnit, the regression tests are in Selenium and the reports were developed using Jasper Reports Performance testing is done with JMeter.

Rental Portal is licensed under Berkley Software Distribution (BSD).


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