Randr Inc 2nd Derivative Warehouse Management PortalRandr Inc 2nd Derivative Warehouse Managmnt Portal

Warehouse Management Portal (WMP) provides inventory and warehouse control through flexible and integrated systems using radio frequency. Originally written in RPG ILE for the iSeries because we needed serious warehouse management system without replicating the inventory management systems on the existing legacy system and with real time components for conveyors and reporting. Used in conjunction with RF Scanners and Information Portal, it is an effective warehouse management system with receiving, put away, picking, shipping, and physical inventory modules. Many of the components are still in RPG ILE and it will have to be rewritten to Java before it can be released to the Open Source Community. Still a great solution and very cost effective solution for the warehouse and even if you don't have an iSeries, just buy a used one. WMP should work with other transaction systems as long as they have a SQL data base, and a EDI interface (or flat file upload capability).

Open Source Software available for iSeries/AS400 (Free Software for download)

Currently we have WMP for VAI System 2000, DMAS, JD Edwards World, and Second Derivative. The software is now available on sourceforge.

WM Portal Brochure (4 page PDF, good overview of the product)

The WM Portal helps reduce warehouse management costs and complexity by leveraging your existing investment in your legacy system by integrating into your existing ERP system or Randr, Inc.'s 2nd Derivative Portals and extending control into the warehouse with four key functions:

1) Automated Receiving and Put Away

2a) Inventory Movement

2b) Picking

3) Physical Inventory

4) Shipment Verification

Per our policy there are NO USER FEES, NO ANUAL MAINTENANCE FEES, and the source code is available.

The WM Portal is now free open source software.

We keep the cost of change low and sustainable for those who need flexibility and modifications.

WMP is composite technology using older iSeries ILE RPG software as well as Linux/Java for Reporting. Because the legacy side was written as a standalone overlay application, it is still very effective today and only handles the transaction side with SQL updates back into the underlying transaction system, it does not replicate the inventory management system. The Linux/Java side handles all of the Reporting through Browser based screens which can be severed internally or externally, any where there is a network or Internet. The reporting side has user based security which is managed through the administrative function.

All warehouse systems generally need significant help to install, but you are more than welcome to try with the source code. If you need help, try our no-charge support forum, or if you really need to call us, 951-369-3427

WMP web application side was developed with the Eclipse IDE using the MyEclipse package. WMP unit test are JUnit, the regression tests are in JMeter and the reports were developed using Jasper Reports. Performance testing are done with JMeter and Selenium for functional testing.

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