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Release 10.05 of the EBusiness Suite (EBS) Rental Portal is just released end of July 2010.  With the release we have merged together the EBusiness Suites.  Order Entry Portal is now part of the EBS Rental Portal and all improvements will be made in the Release 10.05 version.

The Order Entry Portal is Free Open Source Software designed for Entrepreneurial and Midrange Companies who need to compete with National Chains with better service, wider range of services and sales,including repairs, warranty services. And who want and need the ability to extend to their customers, vendors, salesman, and partners over the Internet. It is free, open source software and is available for download on www.sourceforge.net.

Order Entry Portal (video overview of Order Entry Portal) is a real-time web based transaction system for single or multiple locations and companies. An excellent department or Line of Business solution for companies that are value added distributors and light manufacturers. Designed for Sales, Work Orders, and Rental has financial and inventory support. Additionally, Order Entry Portal integrates with the Web Business Suite for a multi channel web ordering system with sales and marketing support. We designed it to be very easy to use so there will be little training required for your folks. It runs using a web browser so there should be no additional investments in hardware for the users and if we are hosting your Order Entry Portal, no additional infrastructure or servers required at all. Download a copy of the Demo Script for screen shots of the ordering and invoice cycles.(23 page pdf).

Click here for a Free Software copy of the Order Entry Portal Run-Time and Installation DVD

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Product Overview

Randr, Inc.'s Order Entry Portal is a fully integrated web-based transaction system. It reduces costs and complexity by taking your business to the next logical progression in eBusiness. It allows your customers and your internal users to handle your sales, and service needs using any standard web browser. The Order Entry Portal is a Simple and Flexible. Randr, Inc. can also provide support for companies using Order Entry Portal.

Randr's Second Derivative (2D) is a very flexible web based transaction system that has een design to handle multiple transaction types individually or concurrently for complex ransactions. Our tab design allows you to handle Sales Orders, Rental Orders, Warranty, work Order and gives you the flexibility to handle almost any type of transactino.  Handles multiple back orders and order deposits.  Order Entry Portal is one of five industry specific version of the Randr Ebusiness Suite and is the third to be release to Sourceforge.  It ncludes the Financial Portal which is used for all financial and accounting transactions and the Information Portal which provides real time flexible reporting and historical reporting.  ncludes Purchasing and Receiving and is multi company and multi warehouse. Includes integrated Financial Portal for complete accounting and financials and Information Portal for real time reporting and inquiry.

Current Release of Order Entry Portal

Order Entry Portal Release 1.0 - Current Release Notes (October, 2009)

Download Order Entry Portal

If you need help, try Randr Inc's no-charge support forum , send us a question, or give us a call, 951-369-3427 (we pick up the phone).

Order Entry Portal is a J2EE Web Application and was developed with the Eclipse IDE using the MyEclipse package, unit test are JUnit, the regression tests are in Selenium and the reports were developed using Jasper Reports Performance testing is done with JMeter.

Order Entry Portal is licensed under Berkley Software Distribution (BSD).


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